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Transforming properties into efficient homes

  • Efficient Passivhaus & HI Windows and Wall insulation.
  • Aerothermics, Aerothermal hybrid systems and Low power consumption A/C.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Solar Battery Storage.
  • Up to 100% Financing, Grants and Subsidies.

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Maximize your investment with our comprehensive and affordable home efficiency improvement packages

  • Efficient Passivhaus & HI windows
  • Fireproof wall insulation
  • Façade air tightness
  • Energy certification+
  • Aerothermics or Aerothermal hybrid systems
  • Low power consumption air conditioner
  • Energy certification+
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Solar battery storage
  • Optimum benefit for surplus solar energy
  • Energy certification+
  • Residential and industrial solar energy

HomeGreeners Products


High-performance windows, thermal and acoustic insulation, air tightness, wind resistance, and anti-intrusion security.

HomeGreeners Products


Thermal insulation and air tightness of façade walls and acoustic insulation of party walls. No construction work required. Non-toxic, fire-resistant and anti-condensation products.

HomeGreeners Products


Heating and cooling solutions with aerothermal energy or hybrid boilers (aerothermal-gas) and ventilation and air renewal solutions.

HomeGreeners Products


Equipment designed to consume less energy, which reduces indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with electricity generation.

HomeGreeners Products


Generate your own solar energy with certified photovoltaic panels and reduce your electricity bill. These panels can be installed on roofs, façades, or even the ground.

HomeGreeners Products


Maximize your solar power with devices (physical solar batteries or virtual solar batteries) that store energy surplus for nighttime or low-production periods.

HomeGreeners Products


Solar control glass, active shading systems, automatic blinds, and awning solutions.

HomeGreeners Products


This system keeps your air fresh while recycling indoor heat, reducing energy use.

HomeGreeners Products


Sensors for monitoring energy use, air quality, security, anti-theft, fire, flooding, and gas leaks.

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Tailored Analysis and Energy Certification:

We adapt each process to your needs.

Your dedicated digital retrofitting partner.

Comprehensive and Hassle-Free Management:

Your dedicated digital retrofitting partner.

We handle everything, from technical documentation to project execution, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.

Up to 100% Financing, Grants and Subsidies:

Get transparent guidance and tailor-made financing options that fit your quote.

We handle grant and subsidy applications with expertise and efficiency.

Quality Supervision:

A combined approach of on-site supervision and advanced technology to ensure consistent quality throughout your project.

A unique platform that covers energy advice, its solutions, its financing and its optimal installation.

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Turnkey solutions at a fixed price, guaranteeing transparency and trust.

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What do the EU grants consist of?

We’ll help you discover all available local, regional, and European grants and subsidies that will reduce your project costs.

Unlock significant savings, the available grants and subsidies may cover a significant % of the cost of your energy retrofitting.

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Take advantage of all the financial options and possible grants available to you!

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Becoming a Greener: A Step-by-Step Process

Make your energy upgrade smooth and effortless

Energy Modeling and Estimates

Initial assesment of your home:

  • Free and non-binding initial assessment.
  • Identifying potential improvements for energy efficiency.
  • We will select your best option together.

Energy model and quote

  • Energy improvement model delivery.
  • Estimate to be provided within 48 hours.
  • Schedule free home visit.

Permits, Financing and Subsidies

Available financing and grants:

  • Right options and clear conditions for all involved.
  • Favorable consumer loans.
  • Available grants.
  • Possible subsidies.

Procedures or permits:

  • Confirmed project requirements.
  • Processing of permits, licenses and legalizations when necessary.

Quote and Plan Approval

Welcome to HomeGreeners:

  • Finalized quote and payment methods.
  • Engagement letter and financing selection.
  • Energy retrofitting plan based on selected improvements.

Energy Retrofitting and Certifications

Handing over your sustainable home:

  • Full project management for your energy retrofitting.
  • Site verification and quality check for your project.

Project completion and certificates:

  • Handout of official UE energy certification.
  • Other certifications or legalizations of your Homegreeners retrofit.

Sustainability commitment

Make a difference – start with your home, neighborhood, and city

Got a question about energy retrofitting?

Invest in a digital energy retrofit

A home energy retrofit is different from a renovation. An energy retrofit focuses on improving the energy efficiency of your home, reducing consumption, providing thermal comfort and economic savings. It also ensures that you comply with future minimum EU energy certification requirements, and allows you to sell or rent your home from 2030 onwards. A reform focuses on improving the appearance or functionality by selecting new finishes or design aesthetics.

It allows you to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. In addition, it improves the comfort of your home, increases its market value, actively contributes to the fight against climate change, and prepares your home to comply with the minimum energy certification required by the European Union by 2030.

According to the European directive 2023/1791 starting in 2030, homes in Spain need a minimum Energy Certificate Class E to be sold or rented. This requirement will increase to Class D in 2033. Improve your home’s energy efficiency to get a better rating, save money on energy bills and avoid potential loss of value in the future.

HomeGreeners centralizes and simplifies the process through a comprehensive turnkey service, taking care of everything from technical documentation to project execution and the issuance of your new EU energy efficiency certificate. Our experts know the best market alternatives available, prioritizing solutions that avoid exterior work, complex procedures, and lengthy permitting processes.

A comprehensive turnkey service that covers all phases of an energy retrofit with the constant advice of a team of professional experts. A free initial assesment and energy rating with a personalized approach that is tailored to your needs and budget, which includes: selection of solutions, retrofit plan, execution and supervision of improvements, issuance of a new energy certificate and facilitation of financing and in the form of European, regional and local subsidies.

A document that informs about the energy efficiency of an apartment or building. This document is prepared by a certified technician and rates energy efficiency using a color scale ranging from green (efficient) to red (very inefficient).

Yes, an EU energy certificate is mandatory in several cases, including: Sale or leasing of a property, construction of a new dwelling or building, renovations exceeding 1000 square meters in useful area. Additionally, as of 2030 and 2033, respectively, a minimum energy class of E and D will be required to sell or rent any property in Spain and the European Union.

In Spain, there are the following classes of energy certificates: Class A: Buildings or dwellings with high energy efficiency Class B: Buildings or dwellings with above average energy efficiency Class C: Buildings or dwellings with average energy efficiency Class D: Buildings or dwellings with below average energy efficiency Class E: Buildings or dwellings with low energy efficiency Class F: Buildings or dwellings with very low energy efficiency. Class G: Buildings or dwellings with very low energy efficiency.

Energy retrofitting grants and subsidies such as those provided by the Next Generation EU funds, Autonomous Communities, and City Councils.

Yes, with Homegreeners you will have access to various alternatives to finance your energy retrofitting with preferential conditions. Ask us by filling out the following form.

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